Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday stats

sorry i have been MIA but i have had a lot of things going on to keep me busy and then i have not been working out so i have not really had much to report on here lol but today is a new day yesterday i bought a brand new fancy smancy epplitical from sears with cash i laughed when chad told me they asked if we wanted to put it on credit cause thats a big fat NO we are all about getting out of debt right now and trying to save for when chad gets out of the navy so we have a huge down payment on something!! but anyways thats not about losing weight so here's my new stats and hopefully next week i will actually have some different numbers cause i am gonna work out 6 days a week (hopefully lol)

waist: 36 inches (thats up an inch grrrrr)
arms: 11 inches (same)
hips: 39 (same)
thighs: 21 inches (thats up a half inch grrr)
weight: 146 (thats up 2 pounds NOT COOL)

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