Thursday, March 12, 2009


so i guess i have not been keeping up with this blog yet again my bad... i think its cause i have not been working out and pretty much just decided to just get fat and be happy lol ok ok that's not true and today i realized that i have to start working out cause my fat jeans i bought last month are getting way to snug and that's really uncool so starting today yes today not tomorrow i am gonna work out on the elliptical that's been used like 4 times total lol for at least 30 minutes straight and i do not care how hard it is or how much i feel like i am gonna die the other couple times i used it i felt like i was gonna just die after 5-10 minutes (5 minutes lol) so i have to do this for my health and happiness cause i am not happy at the size of my belly and its gotta go now is the time i am still not gonna go on a diet for now i am gonna try to get it off by working out alone and hopefully that will be good enough but if not i will give dieting a go but i really hope i don't have to take it that far!! wish me luck guys I'm be back Monday with stats ;)

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