Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another week

since i don't wanna be a big fat lair lol i will be honest and tell you have ate out like 6 times since my last post and i have went to Starbucks about 6 times ridiculous i know!!! i think something inside of me went a little crazy when i told myself no to eating out and going to Starbucks so i am going to try something new i am going to try eating out once a week and going to Starbucks once a week i think i can live with that i mean whats 7 days right?!?! hopefully i can manage this!! i have however been working out like crazy i have been doing the wii fit and the elliptical and that elliptical is no joke its hard work but when i am done i feel great!! and i am proud to say its been working i am down to 150 now and i think thats 6lbs lighter since last weigh in so thats impressive this week i am working hard on drinking more water and less everything else lol i drink most my calories i love soda, very sweet coffee, koolade (lol), and sweet tea so this is what i need to work on this week i bought a couple cases of water so that should help!! wish me luck i have 7 days till i can eat or drink out again and its going to be hard but i am going to try hard to not break this goal!!!!

so weekly weight as of 1/19 is 150
i still have not found my measuring tape so maybe next week on that one lol!

Monday, January 11, 2010


well a plus would be that i have worked out 2 days in a row and i plan to work out later today to but the negative would be i went to chickfila and Starbucks today :( i am really hopeful that i will not do it again for the rest of the month but i suppose only time will tell! i have been doing a pantry challenge on my other blog for the month of January so if you wanna check out what we are eating you can click over to the davis family and see :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


well yesterday went well i guess i really wanted to go to chickfla cause i had to drive right by them but i was good and just kept chanting i will not spend money i will not spend money lol!! today is going to be really rough cause we always go out to eat on the weekends!! but so far so good i have to go to bj's in a little bit to get snacks for Cody's school but we are going to eat first so we will have not have that excuse to eat out!! i did not work out yesterday which is a bummer and really a bad start to my diet but i will make sure i work out today well that's all i have for now!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

cold turkey!!

oh what the heck a friend has started a weight loss blog and has motivated me to try this again i still really need to lose 20lbs and tone tone tone tone!!! and i know i could do this if i gave up fast food and Starbucks but i really don't want to lol but i am going to do it cold turkey right now NO FAST FOOD AND NO STARBUCKS until February and then when February rolls around it will only be once for each of them for the month!!! i have to break this addiction to fast food and Starbucks!! i can make my own coffee and honestly its really good and i can make make way better food them anywhere i go to its just not near as easy i just have to get out of this cooking strike i seem to be on!! so here it goes i will come here every evening and post how successful or unsuccessful i am lol!!

weekly stats are
weight: 156
and i will have to get back to you with the others as i can't find my measuring tape!