Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another week

since i don't wanna be a big fat lair lol i will be honest and tell you have ate out like 6 times since my last post and i have went to Starbucks about 6 times ridiculous i know!!! i think something inside of me went a little crazy when i told myself no to eating out and going to Starbucks so i am going to try something new i am going to try eating out once a week and going to Starbucks once a week i think i can live with that i mean whats 7 days right?!?! hopefully i can manage this!! i have however been working out like crazy i have been doing the wii fit and the elliptical and that elliptical is no joke its hard work but when i am done i feel great!! and i am proud to say its been working i am down to 150 now and i think thats 6lbs lighter since last weigh in so thats impressive this week i am working hard on drinking more water and less everything else lol i drink most my calories i love soda, very sweet coffee, koolade (lol), and sweet tea so this is what i need to work on this week i bought a couple cases of water so that should help!! wish me luck i have 7 days till i can eat or drink out again and its going to be hard but i am going to try hard to not break this goal!!!!

so weekly weight as of 1/19 is 150
i still have not found my measuring tape so maybe next week on that one lol!

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  1. Hey girl so how are you doing on your goal? I am kicking mine back into gear after a break of munchies and fast food rotfl! I suck at this! lol