Thursday, January 7, 2010

cold turkey!!

oh what the heck a friend has started a weight loss blog and has motivated me to try this again i still really need to lose 20lbs and tone tone tone tone!!! and i know i could do this if i gave up fast food and Starbucks but i really don't want to lol but i am going to do it cold turkey right now NO FAST FOOD AND NO STARBUCKS until February and then when February rolls around it will only be once for each of them for the month!!! i have to break this addiction to fast food and Starbucks!! i can make my own coffee and honestly its really good and i can make make way better food them anywhere i go to its just not near as easy i just have to get out of this cooking strike i seem to be on!! so here it goes i will come here every evening and post how successful or unsuccessful i am lol!!

weekly stats are
weight: 156
and i will have to get back to you with the others as i can't find my measuring tape!

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